About tmefx

Founded in 2010, Trishul Media Entertainment (TMEFX) is a firm based in KINFRA Film & Video Park (SEZ zone), Trivandrum, Kerala. Our other specialized services include Hyper-Realistic creatures, Photogrammetry for creating digital doubles and 3D animation. Our experience with international clients has helped us develop a deadline-oriented, cost-effective pipeline, which ensures quality output, exceeding our client’s expectations. Our team focus on innovative methods to streamline the pipeline and workflow through extensive in-house research, enabling us to be on par with leading international studios.

Mission @ TME

We constantly strive to innovate client centric solutions, delivered consistently with top class quality. Our endeavor is to be the partner of choice for our global clients and always exceed client expectations


Our Approach

TMEFX believes: “Think Different, Be Different

We provide services and solutions to companies across the globe; creating great value for our clients, by leveraging our industry knowledge, our service offerings, our global vision and our access to the latest and emerging technologies.